E-discovery nightmare Counsel reponsibility Need for an expert Experience E-discovery strategist Unreliable evidence <prev next> The truth about computer date and time stamps. Do you know what Creation Dates, Last Modified and Access Dates really mean? Probably not. This free report explains all. Click here to get your free copy. Contact Jerry Saperstein Resolve your ediscovery problems economically, efficiently and effectively. For the plaintiff’s lawyer without a “litigation support department”, competent experts are necessary. Not all experts are the same – or even qualified. Some ediscovery experts, frankly, are merely copy shops who know what a Bates number is – which doesn’t do you a whole lot of good when the ESI you want is buried deep within an opponent corporation’s worldwide IT network. Sad to say, but some experts simply see a rich meal ticket in the technologically unsophisticated litigator. Helping you get the production you are entitled to and fitting it into your case is the job of a discovery strategist, a “litigation savvy” technologist who thoroughly understands IT, the nature of ESI, the litigation process including the Rules and case law, discovery rules and the games responders play.